“connecting talent pools to employers at industry level”

Essentially, we ‘Re-Engineered Recruitment’ with a unique and proven concept of connecting talent pools to employers at industry sector level. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Digital Automation and 4.0. Connectivity, Obliterating the legacy issues pertaining to human capital and corporate growth.

“while you are having your morning coffee”

We trained Artificial Intelligence algorithms with 30 years of industry experience and data, combined it with a unique connectivity strategy and a team of experts and called her ‘Skyler‘.
She will be using over 50,000 data points to provide an Octillion of variables to assess and AI to interview while you are having your morning coffee.

Let the baldy Scotsman try and explain it

If you actually understand his accent and would like to see how FifthEdge can empower your recruitment team. Let’s have a coffee and discuss….

Tackling the Legacy Issues

AI and recruitment challenges does FifthEdge address?  5:29

How is FifthEdge meeting AI and recruitment challenges?  2:07

Let's innovate and take control of tomorrow

Recruitment Readiness 4.0