Skyler is your virtual recruitment consultant. (which means she is not a real person)

She will be utilizing her Artificial Intelligence and Massive amounts of data to match you to new opportunities and then connecting to you to make sure your profile is all up to date.

The questions being asked are confidential and are the standard questions a competent recruiter would ask. They need to know these details to ensure you fall into the ‘banding’ for the position.

If you don’t complete them then you will not be considered for talent pool matching.

You 100% need a complete profile to be considered

the more data you have in your profile the better the Artificial intelligence can find you.

Without a Complete Profile, you won’t be able to be matched with the criteria set by the employers.

So don’t be lazy as this could be the last profile you ever need to completed to secure the rest of your career.

This is Super Important!

Skyler needs to keep your data fresh. on average a person changes their details every 5 months.

In order for an employer to react quickly, they need your data to be fresh. it only takes a second to confirm and then you will never be overlooked for a great opportunity.

Skyler will need to remove you from all your employers talent pools!

You have 30 days after your scheduled check-in to either respond to Skylers, emails, SMS or Whatsapp OR just login to your account.

If you don’t you will be removed from all employers Talent Pools and send to the back of the queue. But our team will try and keep you up to date.

We don’t advertise jobs! This is not a job board or anything like you have experienced before. 

FifthEdge builds pools of talent-based upon specific criteria provided by Employers. And then we make sure you are always up to date and ready for when they are ready to employ.

If you only want to apply for jobs that are active, then good luck to you as the VAST majority of adverts are not for real active jobs.


Anyone changing someone who is wanting to get a job should be shot! It makes no ethical sense to ask someone to pay extra money to improve their visibility to a potential employer.

Just fill in your profile and we will find you

No problem

just email us and we will.

If you got another job or aren’t looking – it’s better you just update your status to NOT LOOKING. if anything happens in the future. just change this and my the time your phone is back in your pocket you will have options. It’s like Career Insurance

Remember: you will be removed from all employer talent pools which the employer has invested in – this is why you can’t just do it yourself

100% YES

Only you get to decide if an employer gets to see your details. And you can just choose your status as Passive.

I promise you that if an employer doesn’t think that another company has your details as a passive candidate or considers this as wrong. They are kidding themselves and should worry less about losing you and concentrate more on how to make their staff happy and secure.

Your job is your and your families security, to not have potential backups is like having no insurance or plan B

Very Good Question 

Do you know that when you use a recruiter, they will on average charge a minimum of one month salary AND own your application for 12 months

This means you have a HUGE negative the moment your CV is received by an employer.

FifthEdge charges around 0.008% of the standard fee and ensures all your day is always up to date.

I KNOW – that is very cool – even more so that the employer only pays for the criteria matching profiles they ask for.

Very Good Question 

I haven’t been matched with any Employers

1. Incomplete profile

2. Don’t match an employers criteria YET

I’m on Employers Talent Pools but no call yet

  1. Employers aren’t looking for your skillset yet

  2.  Failed your check-in schedule