Real-Time Talent Pooling

Imagine having 1,000 recruiters working for you 24/7

Sourcing Talent

Why advertise for one employer when you can pull from the power of the entire industry.

Candidate Matching

Our Industry-specific algorithms 24/7 looking for tomorrow’s top talent.

Candidate Screening

Single point screening means a candidate only asks the questions once for multiple employers.

Confidential Application

ONLY a candidate can approve their details to be shown to an employer.

Step 1

Create Criteria

With one of our experts, you can select your criteria to guide our algorithms to find and select your future experience and skillset needs.  

Step 2

Sit Back and Relax

No need to stress. Your pipeline will be activated and a constant flow of new talent will come to your desktop while your talent pool will be kept up to date with fresh data on all your favorite candidates. 

Multi-Skillset Assessment

A candidates experience is discovered across more than 25 industry disciplines.

Up to Date Data

Our candidate engagement schedule ensures that your Talent Pool’s data is always up to date.  

Candidate Screening

Single point screening means a candidate only asks the questions once for multiple employers.

Clean and Simple

Designed for even the ‘tech haters’ its super simple to navigate for candidate and employer. 

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Super powerful and Easy UI

Virtually no training needed even for the most non-tech savvy

Add to a nice little folder to share to a collegue
Quick view summary for fast review
Quick thumbs up, thumbs down for shortlisting your shortlist
Fast access to their origianl CV or Linkedin Profile
Salary Survey of the entire database to get the most detailed insights into your competition and trends
Powerful filter to shortlist your shortlist
This Icon will show you whether the candidate is Immediate, Activtely or Passsively looking.

Some of the FAQ's

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Easy review and access

They like you, You like them. Now you can see when they are searching their Real-Time Talent Pool for your experience and skillsets.

Local time so you don’t wake any candidate before their 1st coffee
Any internal comments you want to leavce for your collegues
Full timeline of what the candidate has changed and other actions
All those essential details and direct contact info
More details for a better undersanfding of status and additional benefits etc.

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