Smart Employer Engagement



A unique single source for professionals to be matched to employers and ensure their data remains up to date in a secure and controlled environment.

4 quick steps to get you on board

How Skyler brings employers and talent together

Learn how Skyler puts both Employer and Candidate in control of what lies ahead tomorrow. Working at immense speed and capacity to source, match, and maintain a relationship between both parties.

Your own personal recruiter

A recruiter could only dream of never having a great candidate overlooked for a great opportunity. FifthEdge flips the script and solves this problem by working as a personal recruiter for each and every candidate. Ensuring each and every candidate is discovered, matched to employers and continually keeps both parties up to date of changes of status. Demolishing the legacy recruitment problems. We hope you love the experience.

The ultimate candidate experience


Create a dynamic profile

All your hard work and experience will get you discovered and matched beyond even a seasoned recruiter

Screening by Chatbot

Standard recruitment screening questions via our easy navigation friendly chatbot

Select job seeking Activity Level

Immediately Available, Actively Looking or Passively Considering will control your data fresh schedule and keep your preferred employers informed

Approve ongoing Ai matching to employers

6,500,000 data points will be matching you employers criteria around the clock

Keep your data fresh

Sit back and relax while we keep your data fresh with scheduled SMS, WhatsApp and email updates

Data Fresh

One-Click automated updates keep your data live

Smart Employer Engagement

Confidence in being discovered by the right companies for the right roles at the right time


Putting the power in your hands, enabling you to control access your profile

24 / 7 Engagement

Register, matching and data fresh around the clock

Secure Data

Encrypted data as secure as your online banking

Accurate Employer Matching 

Constantly evolving and monitored industry-specific data accurately matching you to employers 

Smart Screening Chatbot

Fast and secure screening questions and profile updates at your fingertips day or night


Real-time employer skillset requirements

Still have questions?

Creating Your Profile

We know the last thing you want to do is spend more time on yet another profile. The difference here is that this is the profile that will be constantly updated and shown to multiple employers of your choice at all times. REMEMBER – make it FULL and comprehensive or the AI will not find you.

Developed for you by you

FifthEdge is based upon over 15 years of industry experience. Working closely with leading employers both big and small. Professional Membership bodies and 18 months of concept testing. Not to mention, more coffees than we could count digitizing each and every data source a professional recruiter would be assessing. We hope you enjoy the experience as we have creating it.

Let's make sure your next career move is the best one possible