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Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Automation and Connectivity 4.0

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what is talent pooling?

Identify Talent Before A Job Exists To Reduce Recruitment Time and Increase Hire Quality


Of all listed employers use Talent Pooling


Of all jobs advertised are NOT Active

3 simple principles

FifthEdge Is Uniquely Positioned To Provide All Your Favourite Employers Your Most Up To Date Information Ready For Tomorrow's Jobs

1. Employer Sets Criteria

Each Employer provides specific criteria that they need to grow across multiple disciplines, seniority, project experience, work locations etc. 

2. Artificial Intelligence Matches

Our industry-specific AI gets to work using expert trained algorithms and data to match you to the employer’s criteria.  And if you like them….

3. Keeping Your Data Fresh

Automated SMS, Whatsapp, Email etc. provides all your favourite employers with the most up to date details, ready for the job to fill.

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Are You An Innovative Employer?

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