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Filling tomorrow’s jobs today.

Over 90% of employers use the strategy of Talent Pooling. This is why many candidates apply for jobs or are contacted by recruiters or employers and never hear back from then again. It’s simply a near-impossible task for an employer to get ahead of tomorrow’s requirements. Until now……

How Skyler brings employers and talent together

Learn how Skyler puts both Employer and Candidate in control of what lies ahead tomorrow. Working at immense speed and capacity to source, match, and maintain a relationship between both parties.

24/7 Sourcing & Screening

Skyler will be sourcing and screening talent around the clock. it’s fast and simple to register with our state of the art cv parsing system.

Accurate Talent Pooling

1,000,000+ Construction & Engineering data points accurately access and match skillset and experience to employers talent pool criteria beyond even a seasoned recruitment team.

Confidentiality & Transparency

Candidates are in full control of which employer brands have access to their details and can even see if their skill sets are sought after in real-time

Customer Experience & Support

FifthEdge is a fully supported talent pooling solution with dedicated Account Managers to scale and pivot requirements supporting a companies growth.

Creating Your Profile

We know the last thing you want to do is spend more time on yet another profile. The difference here is that this is the profile that will be constantly updated and shown to multiple employers of your choice at all times. REMEMBER – make it FULL and comprehensive or the AI will not find you.

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Free for Candidates

Super Fast & Simple CV Registration

Employer Match  Alerts

Multi Skill Set Discovery

‘One Click’ Hassle Free Data Updates

Whatsapp, SMS & Email Connectivity

GDPR Compliant


Reducing lead time to hire by up to 90%

For employers who want to digitize and innovate their recruitment process with a simple, scalable, highly effective solution.

Unlike AI and Automation tools on the market, FifthEdge uniquely comes fully loaded with industry sector data to provide a plug and play quick deployment talent pool resourcing solution. Capable of delivering a higher quality of committed talent, faster than ever before, at a fraction of the cost.

Covering 70% of the recruitment process

24/7 Sourcing Active & Passive Talent

Automatic Candidate Data Updates

Employer Specific Criteria AI Matching

Zero AI Data Setup Required

Dedicated Account Manager

Clean and Simple Interface


Employer Walk Through

We’ve built the usability as easy and slick as possible but yet lots of power behind the scenes.

Lets make sure your next career move is the best one possible

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Developed for you by you

FifthEdge is based upon over 15 years of industry experience. Working closely with leading employers both big and small. Professional Membership bodies and 18 months of concept testing. Not to mention, more coffees than we could count digitizing each and every data source a professional recruiter would be assessing. We hope you enjoy the experience as we have creating it.